Kids headshots and how to get a talent agent.

Kids Headshots and how do I get a talent agent for my children? 
As a kid's headshot photographer I have helped countless parents over the years get their kids a talent agent or talent manager.  Many parents have called me to book their kid's headshot appointment and it comes up in the conversation that the child does not yet have an agent.  The parent is often concerned about some of the scams out there, yet wants to pursue representation and help their child get started in the industry. 

 The bottom line is you need to get your child or teenager in front of the talent agent.  There are several ways of doing this including personal referral, kids acting class or mass mailing of your kids headshot and resume to talent agents.  

In all cases you will need to have a great kid's headshot that can be submitted to the agent for consideration.   Continue reading for the three ways to get an agent.  In the meantime here's some examples of kid's headshots:
Kid's headshot example which could be used to submit for representation to a talent agent.

Sample kid's headshots photographed by Robin Lorraine Photography.  Vibrant colors and big smiles always work for young children.

In this kids headshot you can see lot's of confidence and very strong communication from the eyes.  It's not about the clothes at all.  This kid's headshot is a very strong theatrical headshot. (Theatrical relates to TV & film in this industry.)

A kids headshot should be taken by a professional headshot photographer so that your image stands out, gets noticed and lets the agent know you are ready to proceed as a professional.   As you can see this is not just a snapshot or iphone photo.  It is a professional kid's headshot which gets the attention of talent agents, talent managers and casting directors.
A kid's headshot should be taken by a professional headshot photographer so that your image stands out, gets noticed and lets the agent know you are ready to proceed as a professional.  Even though they are dealing with kids, it is still a business and professionalism is very much expected.

As I mentioned above one of the ways you might get an agent is through a personal referral.  A personal referral to a talent agent or talent manager can come through an acting coach, a children's headshot photographer or maybe you have a friend who is willing to give your child's headshot to a talent agent they are connected to.  Agents are always looking for talented or outgoing kids.   In any case the agent will want to see your kid's headshot before scheduling a meeting or audition.   Here is another sample of a great kid's headshot.
Kid's acting headshot which can be submitted to a talent agent.

Option two is to sign your child up for a reputable acting class.   Many acting schools have showcases.  This is when students perform and talent agents and talent managers are invited to watch.   The agents go to these showcases to scout new kids.   Kids will need to have their professional acting headshot ready to give to the agent during the showcase.  Be prepared with an amazing kid's headshot!

The third option involves mass mailing your kid's headshot to talent agencies and letting them know you are seeking representation.  Some agents are now accepting email submissions, but many still want a snail mail submission.  The procedure is to send your chilren's headshot, acting resume and brief cover letter stating that your looking for representation and noting any special skills or personality traits.   An excellent kid's headshot will get noticed and can get your child in the door.

Call Robin Lorraine photography when you are ready to get in the door!
My specialty is kids and teen headshots.
My specialty is acting headshots kids & teens. 


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