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What is a top acting headshot photographer?  And how do you choose a headshot photographer for your child's acting headshots? 
Young boy acting headshot

What is a top acting headshot photographer?  And how do you choose a headshot photographer for your child's acting headshots.

Most of my business as a headshot photographer are direct referrals from talent agents and or talent managers.  Most agents have a short list of recommended headshot photographers.  These are the photographers that consistently produce great headshots and that the talent agent can count on.  The agent does not want their clients to waste money on so-so headshots or mediocre headshots.  It is not good for the actor or actress and it is not good for the agent or talent manager. 

This business is very team oriented.   And in fact behind any successful person there will be a team of people who are contributing to that success.  If I am shooting headshots for an actress or actor that was referred to me by a talent agent, then I want to ensure that not only the actor (or parent of the actor) is happy, but also that the agent and manager is happy.  My thoughts are that if the agent is very happy with the headshots, then they will be confidently and enthusiastically submitting them to castings.   If the shots are not so great, the agent who has to look at those photos everyday, will not be thrilled to submit them.  They will not be submitting them with confidence.  They may have a little hesitancy or just be a tiny bit annoyed when they see those so-so headshots.  You want the team to all be on the same page.  The actor, the manager, the agent, the photographer, the parent(s), etc.,  They should be working together to get product.  The photographer should be working to help the actor, agent, and manager to succeed.  I believe that a top headshot photographer cares greatly that the headshots work.

Child actor headshot
Acting headshot 10 year old boy.

Child actor headshot with young boy.

Child actor headshot, young girl
Child acting headshot with young girl, 12 years old wearing purple shirt. 

Child actor headshot with young girl, red hair.

Actor headshot with young girl, blue shirt, red hair.
Choosing a headshot photographer is not brain surgery, but you do want to look at the photographer's portfolio.  Do the eyes communicate?  Does the headshot speak?  Do you feel drawn to the faces in the actors portfolio?  Does every actor's headshot look the same or is there some variety in the headshot photographers work?  Does the photographer offer different looks of the same actor? Can you see enough of their work to know that they shoot a lot of headshots? 

If the headshots are for your child or for a teen actor, then you should find out if the headshot photographer works with kids or teen actors.  And what age kids do they photograph?  Are they young kids, babies, teens actors?  Have you seen the reviews of the photographer?  Child acting headshots-reviews.  I once had a mother bring her young son to me.  He was on the sensitive side and they had gone to a photographer who impatient,  serious and demanding of the child, expecting him to behave like an adult.  The child introverted and consequently the headshots were not good.  They ended up doing another headshot session with me because I have a great deal of experience with kids.  I got great shots with this boy, because I like kids and I know how to work with them.  The mom was thrilled and the agent loved the shots.  If you have to redo your headshots because they don't work or your agent is not happy, then you are wasting a lot of money.
10 year old boy acting headshot wearing red shirt. 

Acting headshot of teenage girl

12 year old child acting headshot sample.

Actor headshot, green eyes, green shirt.

Child actor headshot with young boy.
Most of the casting these days is done online.  So that means the first thing a casting director will see is the actors headshot thumbnail.  Does the image pop or get your attention?  Imagine that a casting director may see hundreds to thousands of acting headshot thumbnails for one casting. That headshot thumbnail will need to jump off the page.  It should stand out, but still look professional and appealing.  This is Hollywood, not a yearbook.   If the work is somewhat generic or looks like a school photo you may want to look further for a different headshot photographer.

Are the photographers  headshots about the clothes, about the background?  This may make for an interesting portrait but a headshot is about the actor, not the background.   A busy background with multiple contrasting colors and lines will distract.  Most agents do not want brick walls, trees and foliage that is distracting or taking attention from the actors face.   A top headshot photographer will balance the background using it to draw your attention to the face, or balance the colors of a shirt, or to pop the eyes or to do nothing...nothing to distract from those eyes.  A top headshot photographer doesn't shoot against busy backgrounds.  Please note that a modeling portfolio may have backgrounds like trees, and such as those shots are often more editorial like.  I will go over that in another post.

Acting headshot with young child actress.
Then there are the questions like what are the rates, what is included?  Where is the studio?  Do they offer weekend shoots---for kids who are in school.  Does the headshot photographer offer hair and make up?

There are many headshot photographers in all different price ranges, but just because they offer cheap $150 rates are not a reason to book a shoot.  This is a business, you should approach it as a professional. 
Young teenage actress acting headshot.

Young actress child acting headshot.

Tween acting headshot of young girl.

Tween actress - kids acting headshot.

If you have questions about headshots or getting your child started with headshots, feel free to call or email Robin or my assistant Linda.  We will happily answer questions about the business of acting and headshots.
kids acting headshots with teens
Teen acting headshots

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